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Our Team

All our websites; SATO.Travel, Peru Travels Online and South America Travels Online are all part of the SATO Group SAC. SATO was set up by three travel professionals from three different countries willing to pass on their years of travel experience and local know how to their clients in order for them to have the trip of a lifetime. Whether North, South, East or West Peru, SATO provides the whole package.

Paula is one of our Travel Consultants. Born and raised in Ireland, Paula left home two years ago to travel South America and Australia. After a year of travelling, she decided to settle in Cusco, Peru. Paula studied Journalism in Dublin, Ireland and she still blogs and writes part-time. She has a lot of sales and customer service experience and is enjoying the new challenge of working in Peru!

Eugene After working in IT and Customer Service related roles for around 8 years I decided to take a break from the normal and go travelling around South America for a challenge and to experience South American Culture and to take in some sights. After travelling for 3 months around South America I stopped off in Cusco to settle down for a while.

Vanessa is our “Peruvian Connection”. Born and raised in Cusco Peru, she studied Tourism both in Peru and abroad and is more than familiar with the tourist industry in Peru and beyond. Her years of experience in the hotel industry makes her an expert in what a good hotel should look like and this is the kind of inside information that our clients appreciate. She is our personal contact with all hotels and operators and an important resource when it comes to the details of your trip. And we all know that the difference lies in the details.

Stephen was born and raised in Ireland, Stephen is our in-house IT specialist and web-designer. He has lived and worked in several South American countries where he was in charge of elaborating multiple tourism websites and initiatives for a range of international companies. Nowadays he decided call Cusco home and to put his years of experience in web design & South American tourism to use for the SATO website family.

Seppe is the true in-house expert of the company when it comes to travelling in South America. Originally born in Belgium he has wandered most South American countries for years either work or pleasure. He has lived for over 5 years in Peru, both in Lima where he studied and in Cusco which he decided to call home 4 years ago. Having studied international business in Amsterdam and Lima, he after his studies focused on tourism as his main interest and does so until the day of today. He is the company Sales Director and in charge of making sure that our clients receive the personal attention we feel is necessary to provide in the tourism industry. He speaks fluent English, Spanish and Dutch so feel free to write him in any of these languages.

Based in Cusco, Peru, we have a close relationship with all our operators, guides, drivers and of course hotels all over the country and continent. This gives us the possibility to provide you with services and excursions we have done ourselves, sleep in hotels we have slept in and being transferred by drivers we have been transferred by.

Furthermore this close relationship also assures us to get the best prices for our services and hotel overnights; a difference that is passed on directly to our clients. All this assures us that we can provide our clients with well-planned tours, excellent services, complete packages and of course the best price / value on the market. Additionally, being present in the country gives us the advantage of playing on the ball when it comes to unforeseen circumstances. If there would be a strike, problems with transportation or weather issues we would be the first to find out and make adequate arrangements for our clients.

Furthermore we strive to provide all our clients with a complete personalized service from the moment they contact us to the moment they would get on their return plane. This we do by assigning a personal Travel Representative to all our clients who will guide them through the process. All our Travel Representatives are experienced professionals in tourism who speak fluent English and have travelled most of the continent. Your Personal travel Representative will go together with you over your personal preferences and combined with the wide range of options we can offer for tours, excursions and hotel overnights, come up with the perfect itinerary for the vacation you are looking for. We speak the language, understand the quirks and have travelled the entire continent and have lived and worked for many years in Peru and South America.

Therefore if you are looking for Peru and South American specialists to help design your ideal trip to this amazing destination, do not hesitate to contact us now!!!

Our Payment Options

SATO Group offers its clients the following payment options;

Bank Transfer;
Interbank wire transfers are easy and relatively fast. Most banks nowadays provide an internet banking system meaning that you are able to make instant wire transfers with just an internet connection. On average we should be able to confirm all (international) wire transfers within 24-72 hours.

SATO can offer you the following bank account for transfers;

  • Banco de Credito Peru (BCP)

Please ask your Travel Representative for the details.

Credit Card Payment through Skrill (formerly MoneyBookers);
We accept payments of all major credit cards through the Skrill (formerly MoneyBookers) secure website portal. This system allows clients to make instantaneous online payments using their credit card. The system works completely online using a link we will send you where you can process the payment yourself without passing on any credit card details to a third party.

Western Union Money Transfer
Finally we can offer you the international Money Transfer services of Western Union. Please keep in mind that from the USA this can take up to one day to clear.

You may be able to make your payment online or by telephone, or you will need to visit a Western Union office. Payments can be made using a VISA or MASTERCARD (credit or debit) for online or phone payments, as well as via cash at a Western Union office. You will need to state the name of the person that will receive the transfer (please ask your SATO travel consultant) and the city (Cusco, Peru) where the collection will be made. You will then receive a MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) which we require in order to collect the payment.

After payment has been made, please inform us of the payment and if possible send us a copy of the payment receipt (bank transfer or Western Union) so we can proceed with the reservations as soon as possible. In Case you would pay via Skrill, we will get notified almost instantaneously. As soon as we have received confirmation of the transfer we will send you a receipt of payment to your email address.

Booking Process

We at SATO are dedicated to providing you with a personalized vacation based on the personal preferences and requirements of our clients. In order to do so we use the following booking process;

1. Contact us;
You can contact us by filling out the contact form you can find on every page of the website. Fill out the form with your name, email and phone number if you would prefer to speak to one of our travel representatives. In the comment box you can leave behind any important information for your trip. Furthermore you can also contact us through our toll free number. This number can be reached from Monday to Saturday from 9.00Am till 7.00Pm. We are located in Cusco, Peru GMT -5 hours. In case you would be looking for a last minute trip, please feel free to call us or leave behind a phone number as this gives us the chance to get an itinerary to you quicker.

2. Travel Representatives;
On receiving your inquiry, one of our personal travel representatives will be assigned to you and this person will get back to you with some more questions regarding the trip you are looking for. In case the travel representative has all the information he or she will create a proposed itinerary for you based on the information at hand. Our Travel Representatives will contact you from their sato travels personal email, the official company email.

3. Completely Customizable packages;
All our tours are tailor made and therefore almost completely customizable. Therefore once you have received your proposed itinerary, please have a look through this and for any changes, questions or doubts you can get back to your personal travel representative.

4. The right package;
Once you have found the right package and are happy with the tours, hotels and other services, you can go ahead with the actual booking process. In order for us to start making the bookings and reservations we would need

  1. The complete passport information for all passengers (preferably a scanned color copy of the passports)
  2. Your international flight details (if available and not booked through us)
  3. A deposit payment

Your travel representative will send you the right documents to fill this information out. He or she will also provide you with the necessary payment options and instructions for each option.

5. Bookings and reservations;
Once we have received the above information and the deposit payment has been confirmed we will send you a receipt as proof of payment and start making all reservations and bookings. These we will have in place (depending on the complexity of the itinerary) in about 5-8 working days. Once all services, flights and hotels have been confirmed we will send you the confirmed itinerary.

6. Final payment;
The final balance payment for your trip is due at 60 days before departure. On receiving the final payment we will send you a receipt for this payment.

In case you would be booking your trip within the 60 days limit your travel representative will provide you with another deposit and balance payment proposal.

7. Final Travel documents;
About two weeks before departure you will be sent your Final Travel Document. This document includes all the final details for your upcoming trip such as; pickup times, flight times and bookings, hotel details and off course our 24 hour emergency numbers whilst traveling with us.

8. After travel document;
Once you have returned from your vacation, we will send you a feedback form where you are asked a couple of questions. Of course this is absolutely voluntary to fill out and send back to us. We do appreciate all feedback in order to keep improving our services and operations.

In case you would be looking for a trip to the amazing South American Continent, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Last Minute Specialists

Being based in Cusco and having direct contact with all our operators and hotels, we also have the advantage that we are quicker on the ball when it comes to last minute reservations, with one phone call we can find out availabilities for most hotels, know what trains are available and tours that can be arranged. We also work with a large range of hotels in the whole of Peru, assuring us that in case there would not be availability for one hotel we can provide you with a hotel of the same level. Therefore in general our prices will not increase when it comes to last minute arrangements. The only variable would be airline tickets as these can increase quite some when it comes to last minute bookings. One thing to keep in mind that is that with last minute bookings we will need to ask for a higher deposit to cover the initial costs.

So if you all of the sudden would be thinking about travelling to Peru and you may think it would be too late to book, do not hesitate and contact us and see if we can provide you with an awesome trip on the last minute.

Customizable Packages

As you may have seen on different parts of our website, all our packages are customizable. But what does it mean that our packages are customizable?

The fact that our packages are customizable means that we can adjust almost any part of the package to your preferences. We do not organize group trips and all our packages (no matter the number of passengers) are designed personally. This starts with the dates of your trip. We can start any trip on the date you prefer and end on the date you want. Furthermore with our itineraries you can choose between shared and private tours and even combine the two as there may be sites that interest you more than others.

The same goes for hotels, we can make you an itinerary of purely 5* or purely 3* hotels but we can also combine these in order to get a somewhat more economical trip but still enjoy a “splash” of luxury in one or several destinations. Finally, all our Travel Representatives are professionals who take pride in providing you with good and trustworthy information regarding hotels, tours and other services. He or she will clearly communicate with you whether a certain hotel is worth the extra money or if a shared tour or private tour may be more adequate for you. Therefore, if you are looking for a trip to Peru and may have some special requests, do not hesitate to contact us and our Travel Representatives will get in touch and go over your preferences and requirements for this trip.

Standard Vs Luxury

We are aware that people travel with different budgets and have different priorities when travelling. This means that some people do not care too much about the hotels, meanwhile other people do want to enjoy the luxury of a nice 5* hotel when on holiday. Then again some prefer to have private tours for all excursions in order to have more question time and flexibility, meanwhile others do not mind being in a group and get to know some other travellers. These different priorities that people may have made us decide to put up prices for three different types of travel on our example itineraries.

The standard packages are packages making use of all good quality 3* hotels, all shared tours and transfers and the standard level of trains. The superior packages use all prime 4* hotels, a combination of shared and private tours and all private transfers. The train type used is also a Superior train. The luxury packages are packages with all overnights in the top 5* hotels in Peru, all private tours and transfers use the luxury Hiram Bingham for the trip to Machu Picchu.

Keep in mind that as all our packages are customizable these packages purely serve as examples and that you can combine any standard service or accommodation with any superior or luxury service or accommodation. Therefore if you are thinking about a trip to Peru and are looking for a personalized tour made on your preferences, do not hesitate to contact us.

Private Vs Shared

For all the tours and excursions we offer we can give you two possibilities, private tours or shared tours. But what is the difference between shared and private tours? Shared tours are tours that are done together with a group. You and your travel partners will be part of a group of a maximum of 15 people doing the tour or excursion. The number of people on these shared tours differ from tour to tour but we make sure that the groups will never have more than 15 passengers. Obviously on a shared tour you will have less time to ask questions and as there are more people the schedule will be somewhat stricter to get all the excursions done.

Private tours are tours that are only done by you and your travel partners, accompanied by your own guide and driver. As you will have your own guide, this gives you more time to ask questions. Furthermore you will enjoy some more flexibility in the schedule as the transportation and logistics take lesser time than with a group. In general private tours are somewhat more expensive than shared tours as the cost will be divided among several passengers. Nevertheless as soon as you would be travelling with 4 people, the difference in price will be minimal for private instead of shared tours. In any case if you would have private or shared tours, some things remain the same, the buses to Machu Picchu and the Inka Express bus to Puno will always be in shared service. Nevertheless with any tour or excursion you book with us you will be picked up from your hotel and brought back to your hotel at the end of the tour.